“Firecracker” 4th of July Bikini

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“Firecracker” 4th of July Bikini

Ohhhh it’s here alright! Check out our newest handmade creation!!! Our “Firework” 4th of July bikini ! Red, white and blue tie dye swirls ! It’s reversible! Bright, deep gorgeous red on the other side ! This piece brings me back to my childhood days when i would go to the ice cream truck and buy a rocket pop! This swimsuit is perfect to wear to the beach, to a family bbq, out on the lake , it’s the perfect swimsuit to wear pretty much anywhere! Hurry and order before we run out of fabric !!!




Size Chart:

Tops (XS) Extra Small: 81-84 cm / 32-33 inches US 30B I 32A I 32AA I 30C I 32B I 32A I 34AA

(S) Small: 85-88 cm / 34-35 inches US 30D I 32C I 32B I 34A I 30DD I32D I 32C I 34

(M) Medium: 89-92 cm / 35-36 inches US 30DDD I 32DD I34C I36AA I 36A

(L) Large;93-96 cm /37-38 inches US 30F I 32DDD I 34D I 30FF I 32F I 34DD I 36B I 38AA

(XL) XLarge;97-100 cm / 39-41 inches US 30G I 32FF I 34DDD I 30GG I 32G I 34F I 30H I 32GG I 34FF I 36D I 36C I 38B I 38A I 36DD I 36D 38B I 36DDD I 38D I 40B I

Bottoms Waist(in.) 24(XS) 25(XS) 26(S) 27(S ) 28(M) 29(M) 30.5(L) 32(L) 34(XL)

Hip(in.) 34.5(XS) 35.5(XS) 36.5(S)

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