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Authentic Cowhide Koozies

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Authentic Cowhide Koozies
Authentic Cowhide Koozies

These fun cowhide koozies keep your beverage icy cold while making your drink stand out in in a crowd so you’ll always know which drink is yours ! These Koozies are made out of high quality cowhide and will fit your 12 oz can of beverage, your 16 oz Water Bottle, 16 oz Tall Boy, 12oz Beer Bottle or even your 16 oz aluminum Beer Bottle ! Due to the unique patterns in cowhide your Koozie may vary every so slightly!


These koozies sit flat and secure, are fully lined with insulated fabric so your hand stays warm, your beverage stays cold and the can or bottle easily slides out when you are ready for a refill.


These durable cowhide Koozies are very easy to clean, just lightly wash with a dab of gentle soap, rinse, slip a can in and let it dry naturally.


Handcrafted in Montana by Red Sky Designs, Inc.

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